How to treat prostatitis at home?

Many men do not undergo treatment for prostatitis, explaining this by the lack of time to visit the clinic, unsatisfactory conditions of state medical institutions or simply unwillingness to use the services of a doctor in such matters. In this article, you will learn how treating prostatitis at home can quickly rid you of this unpleasant disease.

honey for prostatitis

In recent decades, cases of inflammation of the prostate gland and the number of men suffering from this disease have increased incredibly. Data from medical research are very disappointing: various forms of inflammation of the gland are diagnosed in almost half of forty-year-olds.

And if earlier, with complaints characteristic of prostatitis, as a rule, people aged about fifty turned to doctors, but now the age threshold for the disease has been significantly reduced, and more and more patients are only thirty years old.

Moreover, these are only the figures that official medical statistics have, but in reality everything is much worse. After all, very few people do not try with their last strength not to pay attention to their ailment, but to visit a doctor in time, so often the presence of prostatitis is established already in the hospital, where a person ends up due to a serious illness. complications that have occurred. This can be explained by the fact that often the early stages of the disease are asymptomatic or are associated with mild discomfort that can be tolerated.

But even if a person still decides to go to a urologist, establishes his diagnosis and the necessary course of therapy, most likely he will be carefully treated only until the acute symptoms are removed and the condition normalizes. The traditional admonitions of doctors that, in their opinion, this is far from all, the treatment should be continued even if the painful symptoms have already weakened or even disappeared completely, that if you do not finish the treatment, the disease will return, etc. - for most patientsnothing more than empty shaking of air. The main reason why the therapeutic course does not end is the full workload at work and the lack of time to even drive a nail at home, and not go to the clinic.

The decision on the possibility of self-treatment of prostatitis can only be made by a doctor after an examination, the necessary tests and the appointment of drug therapy. In addition, the specialist must regularly observe the patient and monitor the course of treatment.

Imagine an ideal (well or almost ideal) picture: at the first warning symptoms, a person went to the doctor, went through all the examinations and examinations, diligently followed all the recommendations and was treated carefully. So far so good, gradually feeling better, finally seems to be making a full recovery.

Prostatitis in men and its treatment

But the doctor says that you still need to take medicine, take a course of physical methods, etc. All this takes time, which is already sorely lacking. But, according to the specialist, if the therapy is not completed, sooner or later a relapse will occur. What to do when there is absolutely no possibility to regularly visit the clinic, but you need to be treated? Except for acute cases, it is possible to successfully treat prostatitis in men at home, which will be discussed.

How to get rid of prostatitis at home: effective ways

To begin with, we again focus on the fact that you can start self-treatment at home only after the attending physician answers all questions about your condition: what form of the disease you have and whether this or that treatment with it is possible, how the process ofrecovery and at what stage it is, what exactly needs to be done to get rid of the disease completely.

And remember that the treatment of prostatitis at home is carried out first of all to make drug therapy as effective as possible, which is strictly forbidden to give up too early.

blood test to diagnose prostatitis

Prevention of prostatitis in men at home includes the use of herbs, tinctures, juices and other folk remedies. In addition to regularly performing gymnastics with a set of exercises aimed at improving the health of the prostate, a traditional prostate massage with a finger >or using special devices. Now let's take a closer look at these methods.

medicinal plants

Useful substances contained in plants, macro- and microelements help to relieve inflammation, improve blood circulation, increase immunity and resistance to pathogens.

parsley for prostatitis
  • Pumpkin seedsare a rich natural source of zinc needed for prostate health. In order to supply the body with the necessary dose of the element, thirty dried seeds should be eaten before meals. You can make this medicine not only useful, but also tasty. To do this, peel half a kilogram of seeds, twist in a meat grinder, add two hundred grams of honey and mix well. From this mass, make small balls, put them in the refrigerator and dissolve this candy twice a day thirty minutes before meals.
  • aspen bark- the bark should be collected in the spring, when the leaves have not yet had time to bloom and the juices are actively moving along the tree. Pour one hundred grams of oven-dried and chopped peels with a glass of vodka and leave for two weeks in a dark place. Add twenty drops of tincture to half a glass of water and drink three times a day. This course should be followed for several months.
  • Parsley- helps relieve inflammation and restore sexual activity. Thirty minutes before a meal you need to take a tablespoon of juice. And ordinary tea (note that it is not very useful for prostatitis) can be replaced with a decoction of parsley seeds, which must be ground in a coffee grinder, poured with water and boiled for about fifteen minutes.
  • Treatment with propolis- rectal suppositories with propolis are very effective in the treatment of prostatitis: they help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system.

Prostate massage

This procedure is necessarily included in the complex of therapeutic measures. It is usually performed by a doctor in a clinic, but you can understand the technique of massaging the gland and do it at home, by yourself or with the help of a loved one.

If you decide to do prostate massage yourself, be sure to ask your doctor if you have any contraindications for this procedure and exactly how you should do it effectively and safely.

To treat prostatitis at home, you can use a device that massages the organ and allows you to achieve noticeable positive results. Thanks to the vibrations, the local increase in temperature and the electrical effect, muscles are toned, blood circulation is normalized, pain and swelling are reduced, inflammation is reduced and the recovery process is accelerated.

A device for treating prostatitis at home can be:

  • transrectal- more effective due to the targeted action on the gland through the rectum.
  • non-invasive- based on the effect on the body of laser or infrared radiation in combination with a magnetic field through the skin in the scrotum. The device does not require insertion into the rectum.